What Sets a Luxury Wedding Apart from other Weddings?

what sets a luxury wedding apart from other weddings

All weddings are important as it is a momentous occasion that brings family and friends together to celebrate love and partnership. However, all weddings are different, they have different characteristics, food, entertainment, dress code, venues and many more. Here in this article, you can learn about what sets a luxury wedding apart from other weddings. Luxury weddings in Cyprus can help you organize the most amazing luxury wedding abroad, so get in contact and learn more information.   


The wedding invitation itself can give guests the vibe of the wedding. A luxury wedding invitation usually shouts luxury on its own. Luxury weddings often have custom-designed invitations that express the elegance and lush of the wedding.

Location and Venue

One of the most important features of any luxury wedding is the venue. A luxury wedding is usually held at a high-end venue, such as a beautiful estate, castle, luxury hotel, winery or resort. In general, the venue of a luxury wedding gives a grand, elegant, and timeless setting.


Luxurious weddings are known for their elegant and sophisticated décor, which often includes high-end flowers, linens, and other details. The decoration of any kind of event is something that the guests notice and talk about. Luxury weddings are known for their amazing and expensive decoration.


The wedding party and guests at a luxurious wedding are typically dressed in formal and high-end attire to match the venue of the wedding. The attire worn at a luxury wedding should be just as grand as the venue itself. Designer gowns, classic tuxedos or suits as well as expensive, traditional and timeless jewellery usually make up the guests’ attire.

Food & Drink

No matter the occasion or event, guests anticipate the food, taste it and comment on it. The food at a luxury wedding must live up to the guests’ expectations. The food at a luxury wedding often includes a gourmet menu with high-end cuisine prepared by renowned chefs and signature cocktails crafted with premium spirits and exotic ingredients. Some luxury weddings have plated service while others have servers pass hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour.


A couple that goes for a luxury wedding, thinks about their guests a lot and their entertainment is a priority. Luxury weddings usually have live music by famous singers, a known Dj and many surprises to ensure that all guests are entertained.

A luxury wedding is an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Planning everything and taking care of every little detail is a must. Many couples hire a wedding planner to help them with all the planning to ensure that their luxury wedding will give guests an atmosphere of opulence that they will never forget. Overall, a luxury wedding should be characterized by elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail.