The Latest Trends in Luxury Wedding Decor

the latest trends in luxury wedding decor

The Latest Trends in Luxury Wedding Decor

Every wedding has its own importance, and every small detail counts drastically. The arrangement of the flowers to the table settings and all the decorations are what make the wedding more wonderful and inspiring. So, here you can learn about the latest trends in Luxury wedding decor.  Make sure to check out Luxury Weddings Abroad and learn more information.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness

The first thing that has become very popular is how there are so many luxury options to incorporate sustainability and eco-friendliness into the wedding. For example, using locally sourced and seasonal flowers can reduce the carbon footprint compared to having to import them and transport them to the location of the wedding. Moreover, there are many options for using biodegradable confetti and reusable decorations.

Bold colours

Over the past years, pastel and muted colours have been very popular for weddings. But as it seems, bold colours are currently trending for luxury weddings. Some of those colours are burgundy, navy, and emerald, green has become very popular for winter weddings while also colours like coral and fuchsia are perfect for weddings during the summertime. Those colours can be incorporated into the furniture, the decorations and the flowers of the wedding.

Mixing textures

When mixing textures, the goal is to add depth and make the décor look interesting. For example, some nice combinations are velvet linens paired with metallic accents or rustic wood paired with silk runners. The contrast between the textures can make the environment of the event look multidimensional and sophisticated.

Asymmetrical arrangements

Nowadays symmetrical alignments are not expected or trending for luxury weddings. Arranging, the flowers asymmetrically are more unexpected, and it feels more natural in the environment. Also having wild-looking arrangements of flowers can make the event more organic just like the flowers were just plucked and placed from the garden on the tables.

Custom backdrops

Custom backdrops have become very popular in many luxury weddings over the past few years. They have been used to create beautiful focal points that can tie the overall environment and event but also the aesthetic. It is also beautiful to photograph with, for both the couple and also for all the guests.

Personalized details

It’s a shame when it comes to professionals being responsible for decorating a wedding event and leaving no room for personalization. Having the couple decide on small details and letting them express their own ideas through the wedding decorations will bring the environment closer to the couple’s personal style. This way the wedding will feel more intimate and special for the newlyweds and all close family and friends.  

It’s important when planning wedding decorations, to have all the above points in mind. To make the special day even greater you will need to decide on the most stylish and timeless luxury wedding decorations and always place your interest and ideas on the table so the professionals can help you create the event of your dreams.