2023’s Luxury Wedding Trends in Cyprus

luxury wedding trends in cyprus

Everyone has a dream wedding and as trends come and go, couples and wedding planners need to be up to date with the latest wedding trends to plan a day that no one will ever forget. Couples planning their luxury weddings in Cyprus in 2023 must consider various exciting trends. Let’s discover the most popular luxury wedding trends in Cyprus.

Intimate Luxury:

Many couples want to enjoy their special day surrounded only by their favourite people. Micro weddings and elopements are very trendy nowadays, offering intimate gatherings where couples can focus on genuine connections and experiences.

Culinary Spectacles:

The food at a wedding plays a significant role in the guests’ overall experience. Couples incorporate live food stations, captivating guests as chefs craft exquisite dishes before their eyes. This trend is easy to follow and is a touch that all guests are grateful for.

Ethereal Decor:

Another 2023 trend that has made its appearance to stay is the addition of dramatic decor elements. Hanging installations adorned with lush florals, cascading crystal chandeliers, and impressive archways are elements that leave every guest in awe.

luxury wedding trends in cyprus

Themed Elegance:

A themed wedding is a trend that not many couples choose. But for those who do it is a guaranteed success. From vintage glamour to boho, themed weddings offer a personalized touch and allow couples to have a wedding that reflects their style.

Grand Floral Statements:

Floral arrangements have always played a major role in weddings. However, in 2023 floral arrangements are next level. Breathtaking arches, suspended blooms, and floral walls are turning Cyprus wedding venues into enchanting gardens. The island’s professional florists offer stunning flower displays for everyone to enjoy, use as picture backdrops, and admire.

All in all, these 2023 luxury trends offer an exciting array of possibilities to make the day of happy couples truly exceptional. Being up to date with the latest trends and choosing to add something unique to your special day will surely help you and your guests create unforgettable memories.