A Guide to Luxury Transportation Options for Your Wedding in Cyprus

a guide to luxury transportation options for your wedding in cyprus

When planning a luxury wedding in Cyprus, transportation is a key consideration. Ensuring that you arrive in comfort and style is the start of your luxury wedding. Arranging luxury transportation for your guests too, if possible, enables them to have a cohesive luxury wedding experience. In this blog, we offer a guide to luxury transportation options for your wedding in Cyprus.


One of the most classic options for luxury wedding transportation. Limousines are chosen for weddings due to their elegance and style. With spacious interiors, you can rent a limousine as the transportation to and from your ceremony and reception venues and make an entrance. Of course, limousines offer more space for your family or close friends to be with you during your important rides to the ceremony and wedding venues.

Vintage Cars:

What classier and more timeless than a vintage car as your luxury wedding transportation? Vintage cars offer a unique charm that is sure to impress your guests. There are many options of vintage cars you can rent for your Luxury wedding in Cyprus. From classic Beaufords and Rolls Royces to vintage Bentleys and Humber Hawks, you sure will impress everyone.

a guide to luxury transportation options for your wedding in cyprus


If you want to make a grand entrance and leave everyone in awe, renting a yacht as your wedding transportation is what you should go for. A yacht can be rented for a full day or for a single trip to and from your wedding venue. It is the ultimate luxury transportation and of course, if the ceremony is at the beach, it can be the means to take all your guests to the wedding venue.

Sports Cars:

Sport cars can also be a luxury choice of transportation for your wedding. You can rent a luxury sports car for some hours or a day and impress everyone with a shiny and lavish look. From Ferraris to Lamborghinis, various sports cars are available for rent in Cyprus. Apart from the impression you will make you will also enjoy some thrilling rides to and from your ceremony and wedding venues.

Just like everything else during the planning of a luxury wedding in Cyprus, transportation is also an important consideration. Make sure to choose the best transportation for your big day based on your budget, preference and practicality, and book it in advance to ensure everything including your transportation is arranged for.